Understanding the Foreclosure Process: A Guide for Troubled Sellers in Alabama

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For homeowners, their property is one of their most significant properties. When buying a house in Alabama keep in mind the foreclosure process if you are taking a loan. The process can be difficult and overwhelming for homeowners who find themselves in the situation. However when homeowners struggle to make mortgage payments, they may face foreclosure, a legal process in which the lender takes possession of the property.

Foreclosure is a legal process that a lender uses to recover their money when a homeowner defaults on their mortgage payments. If you are a homeowner in Alabama who is struggling to make mortgage payments, it is important to understand the foreclosure process so that you can take action to protect your home. Here is a guide to help you understand how foreclosure works in Alabama.

In this blog, we will explore the foreclosure process in Alabama and discuss how cash house buyers Alabama can assist troubled sellers.

When does the foreclosure process start in Alabama?

The borrower must be delinquent on their payments for over 120 days before the lender can initiate foreclosure proceedings, as mandated by federal law. Once the 120 days threshold is met, the lender can proceed with foreclosure according to the state’s foreclosure laws.

So if you are buying a house in Alabama for a mortgage you should know how federal law works in case of foreclosure. In Alabama, lenders can either opt for judicial or non-judicial foreclosure, with most choosing the latter due to its speed.

What are the two types of foreclosure?

  1. Judicial foreclosure

Judicialforeclosure requires the lender to file a lawsuit against the borrower to obtain a court order for the sale of the property. This process can be lengthy and the court must determine the loan before allowing the foreclosure to proceed.

  1. Non-judicial foreclosure

Non-judicial foreclosure on the other hand is a faster process that does not require court involvement. If a power of sale exists within the contract, the lender may resort to non-judicial foreclosure enabling them to sell the property in default. The lender can sell the property without a court order, providing that they follow the state statutory requirements.

How does the foreclosure process work?

The foreclosure process in Alabama typically begins when a borrower misses the mortgage payment. The lender sends a notice of default to the borrower, informing them that they have defaulted on their loan and that the lender intends to initiate foreclosure proceedings.

If the borrower does not cure the default within 30 days, the lender can begin the foreclosure process. The lender will then file a notice of sale with the county probate court, which must be published in a local newspaper for at least three consecutive weeks.

The foreclosure process can be a difficult and hectic time for homeowners who are buying a house in Alabama. Not only is the process emotionally draining but it can also be time consuming and costly. The homeowner may need to take time off work to attend court hearings and they may need to hire an attorney to represent them.

How can cash home buyers help?

Cash house buyers Alabama can help homeowners who are facing foreclosure in Alabama. Cash home buyers are investors who purchase properties for cash. They can offer homeowners a fast and hassle-free sale, allowing the homeowners to avoid foreclosure and move on with their lives.

One of the main benefits of working with cash home buyers is that the sale can be completed quickly. Cash home buyers can close on a sale in as little as a few days, allowing the homeowners to avoid the lengthy and costly process, this can be particularly beneficial for homeowners who are facing a deadline for the foreclosure sale and need to sell their property quickly.

Another advantage of working with a cash home buyer is that they will purchase the property in its current condition. This means that the homeowner does not need to spend time or money repairing or renovating the property before the sale. This can be a significant benefit for homeowners who are struggling to make ends meet and do not have funds to make repairs.

People who are buying a house in Alabama and now are stressed because of the mortgage payments and foreclosure process can sell their houses to cash house buyers Alabama as they can offer a fair price for their property. Also, cash home buyers do not charge any commission or fees like real estate investors. This way they can avoid the costs associated with the foreclosure process such as legal fees and court fees.


Foreclosure can be a daunting process for people buying houses in Alabama for loans and struggling to make mortgage payments. However, there are options available to help homeowners avoid foreclosure such as selling your home to cash house buyers in Alabama. Remember buying a house in Alabama can be a great investment but if you are struggling to keep up with the mortgage payments it is important to take action to avoid foreclosure.

We hope that this guide has provided you with a better understanding of the foreclosure process and how cash home buyers can help troubled sellers. Remember to always seek professional advice if you are facing foreclosure and take action to avoid the consequences of the process. At Alabama House Buyers, we help troubled sellers by buying their property for cash. For more information, get in touch with us.